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How many ripple did roger sell to pump BAB this week?

I have to say, the BAB pump caught me pantz dawn. It was so dead market-wise that even the whole shill playbook wasn't working:
1 - inflate rBTC with fake subscribers;
2 - pump egon1 and jessquit threads;
3 - shit on LN, shit on SV;
4 - bring peter rizun to cause more drama and upvote his nonsense to heavens;
5 - display more fake NQ adoption.
If anything, the last drama surrounding BU resignations left a clear picture of how lonely ABC is, so a sort of "hubris pump" was expected. But since the regular playbook was not cutting it, there's really one explanation: RV burnt huge stashes of altcoins to pump BAB (or even his own fiat).
Look at ripple, it didn't move, it is stale at 30 cents for quite some time. It is strange when everything-and-their-monkey is mooning.
My second theory: they flipped EOS gains. Again, EOS is one of those pumps that makes no sense, their consensus is fucked and right now 3 million was stolen from bithumb, not really the moment one expects a pump, but a dump.
My third theory: jihan/bitmain found a new exchange in Asia to co-opt with bribes and compromise the APIs. This may be apparent checking data out there.
But jihan is an EOS investor and RV sock puppet bitcoinistehfuture is shilling EOS. Pumping BAB was very easy because there was no demand. Now they definitely got some binance moon-lambo boys in.
BSV dumps also help BAB pumps, but I don't think this pump used BSV, only selling enough to keep it down. It was about politics, RV once more acting with hubris and no brains.
I still have the impression that south koreans prefer "cheap bitcoin", as they have a history of buying altcoin forks, ripple and this sort of stuff. Very strange pump, indeed.
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2/2 This will test if Bitcoin Cash can avoid being captured by a group of developers. Bitcoin does not have payouts to 3rd parties encoded into its protocol. If exchanges and miners download and run the new version of ABC, BCH will be Bcash with no rights to the name "bitcoin." — Peter R. Rizun (@PeterRizun) February 15, 2020 Peter Rizun - Bitcoin Researcher & Editor of Ledger Journal 187 points · 2 years ago. Yes, this is a known weakness in segwit that was never fixed. It doesn't mean that segwit coins are necessarily insecure, but it absolutely does mean that the security model for segwit coins is strictly weaker than for bitcoins. level 2. Original Poster 48 points · 2 years ago · edited 2 years ago. Thanks ... TL;DR: Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) Chief Scientist Peter Rizun is a human lightning rod. He's become one in recent months most notoriously due to his being asked for counter-arguments to the efficacy and need of a second layer payment solution on Bitcoin Core (BTC). The resulting drama with BTC and Lightning Network supporter, podcaster Peter McCormack, was amazing to watch unfold, and this is ... Bitcoin Verde’s Joshua Green tweeted about the announcement from Bitcoin ABC and questioned why Verde was excluded. The chief scientist of Bitcoin Unlimited, Peter Rizun, tweeted about the ... — Peter R. Rizun (@PeterRizun) September 27, 2019. While it aims to bolster bitcoin, the lightning network might need to work out a few kinks beforehand. As for Drapers predictions, 2023 may be a little optimistic. Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com Bitcoin Unlimited’s chief scientist Peter Rizun discusses the exploration of chain limits in a detailed editorial on the blog read.cash. Another addition is the opcode, OP_Reversebytes, which ... Bitcoin Unlimited’s Chief Scientist Peter Rizun finally made it onto the What Bitcoin Did podcast, after initially having his interview canceled amid pressure from Bitcoin Maximalists who don’t want to hear his opinions on Lightning Network.. Bitcoin Unlimited Dev: Ignore Craig Wright and He’ll Go Away. Rizun discussed a range of issues, primarily Lightning. Peter Rizun has warned the Bitcoin Cash community with a tweet explaining that Amaury Sachet is lobbying for a new fork and his Bitcoin ABC client will make life difficult for those who oppose the funding of the new BCH development foundation by changing the protocol. Many are therefore wondering if a new fork is on the way.. Bitcoin ABC 0.21.0 release for 2020 May 15 upgrade is here!https://t ... TL;DR: Bitcoin Unlimited Chief Scientist Peter Rizun was summarily disinvited from a popular podcast after bitcoin core (BTC) supremacists pressured the host. Rizun was initially asked to take part in a series dedicated to the Lightning Network (LN), discussing his concerns over the technology. Peter Rizun ACT, BCH Community, ... Binance, Bitcoin Unlimited, Changpeng Zhao, Charity, Chief Scientist, debate, Gigabyte Blocks, Kenya, Lightning, N-Featured, News, Offchain, Onchain, Paxful, Peer-to-peer Exchange, Peter Rizun, Ray Youssef, Roger Ver, scaling, scaling debate, Schools “Malgré les 100 000 dollars promis à la charité, Adam Back reste silencieux sur le débat proposé” 09 ...

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Ripple + Binance, Electronic Money, Zero Fiat Bitcoin Bond, Tether + Bitcoin & Facebook Moratorium

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